As I’m truly grateful for being in a position to receive lots of emails every week, it breaks my heart when I got to know some of the mistakes done by first timers that could totally be avoided with knowledge. To prevent these mistakes from happening again, I thought it would be helpful to listContinue reading “WORST MISTAKES FOR YOUNG INVESTORS (2019)”


One of the hottest controversial handover in town due to their innovative approach to furnishings. They adopted the material honesty approach to the entire development which until today, the developer still have a lot to touch up as the market still do not understand the design. To me, I appreciate the bold move which mightContinue reading “PROPERTY REVIEW #078 | EKOCHERAS, CHERAS”


Located next to Elite highway, in between Cyberjaya and Kota Warisan, Serenia City seems to be capturing the appetite of home buyers because their first 2 launches were sold out!! It has been a while since I last hear about people setting up camps just to secure a property. Even during the visit on aContinue reading “PROPERTY REVIEW #077 | SERENIA CITY, SEPANG”

Why would people buy property?

There’s just a million different reasons why someone would want to buy a property, it’s because real estate is more than just bricks and mortar. Here’s a few main reason why people would spend 30 years paying for one: As a roof over the head (home) If you’re a gal, would you say ‘yes’ whenContinue reading “Why would people buy property?”