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Aka, the realestateguy. From an architecture graduate, to a super real estate agent, to my professional studies in real estate and deep experience in the Malaysia property landscape, I realized we have a problem

When I’m giving advice to my client on his 15th property investment, I noticed that my neighbour of 5 members is struggling to even pay rent. That’s when I saw the knowledge gap between both segments.

To bridge that gap, I’ve decided to share everything I learn about my passion, real estate to the younger Malaysians.

My mission is to bridge that knowledge gap and assist more young Malaysians in getting their first home=)


    April 6, 2020 by

    In this episode, we will answer an email from Robin regarding defect check before getting vacant possession for his unit. The first response is NO. It would not be possible for developers to entertain all request to check for defects first before they proceed with the other furnishings. It would just be do too much… Read more


    March 29, 2020 by

    “Sean, project xxx can buy? What about the location? What about the price? Can you accompany me this weekend to the sales gallery?” It was around 2 years ago where I had the courage to start a simple video with the intention of showing my friends what to look out for when you’re checking out… Read more

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