“Sean, project xxx can buy? What about the location? What about the price? Can you accompany me this weekend to the sales gallery?”

It was around 2 years ago where I had the courage to start a simple video with the intention of showing my friends what to look out for when you’re checking out new properties so that I could spare myself my very own weekend. And I was surprised with the amount of ignorance among youth regarding real estate and property. However, it’s inevitable as property investment is not really a common dinner table nor cool topic to be discussed among family and friends.

“Sean, your face is taking up the entire frame and I can’t see shxt!”

Several of my initial videos was a disaster. I was editing videos using Adobe Photoshop, taking videos with my broken iPhone 6, and I was a total noob when it comes to composition, lightings, story telling methodology, frame rates, colour corrections and etc.

I’m always grateful to be in this information abundance era where knowledge are easily accessible. Gary Vaynerchuck, Casey Neistat and Peter Mckinnon are my reference for inspiration throughout the journey.

“It’s all about execution!!”

Most of us strategize for years, trying to come out with that PERFECT action plan. But in the eyes of Gary Vee, it’s just a big, fat excuse for not doing. Since his book ‘Jab, jab, jab, right hook” and “Thank you economy” taught me that your long-tail content creation approach *it means niche content* towards your passion WILL one day generate more income than the job you hate doing currently.

If you like badminton, create content around it and post it across multiple platforms because this is one in a lifetime moment where the real estate of internet attention are up for grabs. Now you have an opportunity to create content to get attention for FREE, and if you’re talented in it, you’ll have companies heading towards your way with collaborations and advertisement deals.

I’ve also learnt to not be romantic about my videos. This is where my zero experience in the media world became my greatest strength. Until today, I record everything without a script of story board. Everything is impromptu and that greatly increase my production speed. Instead of measuring a video based on the production value, I learnt to measure them by speed and value to my audience.

Just when I am happy with my subscriber count on Youtube, Garyvee is pushing for audio, Linkedin and Tiktok. “You are only as good as your last at-bat. We forgot how Michael Jordan sucked when he was playing baseball. ” Thus, get to work now!!

His teachings has been my religion for all the great work that has happened in my life.

“So raw, yet beautiful!”

My first thought when I encounter Casey Neistat videos on Youtube. His daily vlogs taught me to work harder everyday. I wake up at 5am and sleep at 11 pm everyday to have more time for me to squeeze in as much work as possible.

His total ignorance of the formal videography approach taught me to be original instead of focusing on production value that audience DON’T CARE. The obsession towards the perfect shot is meaningless if you fail to complete the video. These often become the biggest obstacle for people to start pursuing their career.

His honesty towards his audience taught me to portrait my true self on camera, instead of creating a persona. It’s amazing to see him being so comfortable in himself in different settings. Whether is it the Grammy Awards, back stage before his keynote, at home with his daughter, backpack travelling with his son, alone in his office and jamming with his mentee… He is always him!!

How I wish I can ride on the electric scooter or skate board around the city with his booster board but his story telling methodology inspired me a fxcking lot.

“Tastefully funny!!”

Peter Mckinnon taught me everything I need to know to produce a video. His tutorials on camera works and editing shortcuts were my daily homework for 2 years.

From his work, I learnt the importance of great music to complement the video; the steps to work the camera to tell a better story of the subject; his signature b-rolls to make simple things super darn cool.

I always go to him when I need inspiration to add some cool-ness to my work and his overflowing energy is just infectious.

It has been a great journey and I never thought that I would achieve what I have today. 13k subscribers might sound too small to celebrate but this is something I would die for a year agoo. My advise to those who are trying to escape from your struggling routine of doing what you don’t like, how about giving yourself a good try?! We no longer have the excuse to say things like: “I don’t know how to do video” , “I will start when I have a better camera!” or “Wait till I am rich…” Let’s just get to work now!!

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