We are now witnessing the start of mixed developments being erected as they are starting to move from pure residences and commercials. It’s just so exciting to see and compare developments between peninsular and east Malaysia.

However, there are several points that I wish could’ve changed as they didn’t work here. For eg: Dual frontage retail would be very challenging as there’re limited frontage for the row behind. Plus it’s not practical for operators as the back of house needs to be in the centre.

Then the transfer of structures from retail to office, then to residence caused the corridor to be placed away from the facade, causing it to be really dark and stuffy. Last would be the location adjacent to Jalan Tun Jugah, one of the main highway for Kuching which has it’s benefit of convenience, but it also comes with the traffic noise.

As it’s one of the earlier development of such, the rental returns seems to be high due to the demand of such developments. And based on the vendors, this area is attracting the ‘hipster’ crowds which somewhat just transforms during the evening.

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